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We are Ola Ignasiak and Karolina Gebka — Polish-born painters, creating together as SLOW PAINTING STUDIO. 

Our work is interdisciplinary with the focus on zero waste and ephemeral painting. Since 2020 we are researching possibilities of natural dyes and pigments for art. 
Our fundamental mission is to instigate a global shift in the way color is perceived. We aim to challenge the conventional practices involving environmentally detrimental synthetic dyes and pigments, prevalent across various industries.


fot. M Kieroń 2021



fot. M Kieroń 2021

Exhibitions and awards

2020 Kultugrant 0.2 Award for project Color Recipe  by Lodz Events Center for supporting the creative sector, Łódź, Poland   LINK

2020 Solo exhibition Recipe for painting, FRAEYM, Berlin, Germany  LINK

2021  Grant for Research Project (I) funded by The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland

2021  Workshops and performance Painterly Appetizer accompanying Artystyczna Podróż Hestii Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

2022  Grant for continuation of the Research Project (II) founded by The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland

2022  Solo Exhibition Color Recipe (do not exist), Punkt Odbioru Sztuki, Łódź, Poland 

2022  Group exhibition MATERIALIZED at the invitation from ISOLA Design, at the Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy. LINK

2022 Solo Exhibition Zero Waste Planets, Gallery at Peter's, Physiography and Arboretum Plant,  Bolestraszyce, Poland. LINK

2022  Zero waste planets - participation in the nationwide auction "Beauty in Art" 
in cooperation with the

2022  Painting Group Exhibition Rejwach, ASP Gallery Piotrkowska 68, Łódź, Poland

2022  Qualification to the I have an idea for a startup! year long incubator and competition, 
Łódź, Poland  LINK

2022 Project presentation as a part of ETHICAL COLOUR Exhibition by Colour of Saying during COLOR BEYOND Conference in Tucson, AZ, US  LINK

2022  Finalists of the You have an idea for a Start-up competition  LINK

2023  Solo Exhibition I Am Here for a While, FRAEYM Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2023  Feature at Future Materials Bank in cooperation with the department 
of Jan van Eyck Academie, Netherlands LINK


2023  Participation in the competition exhibition "What Do We Need Freedom For?" as part of the Ravekjavik Art Festival, Łódź, Poland Award from the AOKZ Gallery


2023  Qualification for the international business competition and incubator "EIT Jumpstarter". I  July: Qualification for the second stage  I  November: Finalists in the competition, 3rd prize in the EIT Jumpstarter competition in Manufacturing category


2023  Qualification for the international business competition and incubator "EWA by EIT Food"  I. November: 2nd place in the competition


2023 Creation of an ephemeral mural "I Am Here for A While" as part of the international Landscape Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic

2023 Group exhibition "Ethical Colors" (II edition) as part of the International Scientific Conference ECO-MAKE, curator: Laura Perryman - Colour of Saying, Łódź, Poland

2023  Solo exhibition "Fleeting Moments I Capture," AOKZ Gallery, Łódź


2024  Group exhibition of ephemeral painting "BREATHE IN" curated by Slow Painting Studio, as part of the Research Project "The Ephemeral Color Chapter," Fraeym, Berlin

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